Please allow me to introduce you to The African American Fire Fighters Historical Society (AAFFHS). The African American Fire Fighters Historical Society’s mission is to collect, preserve and disseminate historical data, and information relating to the contributions made by fire fighters of color, and others who have made a contribution to such history; to be used for the purpose of education, fire prevention and mentoring. AAFFHS is a 501C (3), whose Annual Salute Dinner Honors African American fire fighters. The only event of its kind in the world, is the Signature of our brand.

All honorees over the last 12 years were very deserving of their recognition. Most have never had their contributions acknowledge. These individuals are humble men and women, who were doing what needed to be done.

The African American Fire Fighters Historical Society is always interested in individuals who may be first to have accomplished a goal, such as getting promoted, filling a position or to those who have performed a heroic act. We also like to have information about organizations who have reached any historic milestone or anniversary, as it pertains to African American fire fighter’s history. In addition, we like to recognize significant dates in fire service history in which African Americans played a role. As The AAFFHS reaches its 12th Anniversary, we are working to establish a brick and mortar extension, The International Black Fire Fighters Museum & Safety Education Center. Below are a few accomplishments we have contributied to fire service history.

  • Requested and had submitted a half dozen statements to The United States Congressional Record
  • Presented approximately 200 flags flown over the U.S. Capitol on significant dates to distinguish our honorees accomplishments.
  • Obtained well over 500 Citations, Proclamations, Resolutions, Certificates of Recognition and Letters of Acknowledgment for honorees.
  • Successfully passed Legislation to have a fire house named for an honoree.
  • Instrumental in building partnerships, financing the design and advocating. government in establishing The Racheal M. Wilson Memorial Park a LOD

Please feel free to share with us any thoughts to help continue our mission.

Thanks for your interest
George Collins, President & Founder
African American Society Fire Fighters Historical


George Collins, Co-Founder and CEO of the African American Firefighters Historical Society. The African American Fire Fighters Historical Society was founded on January 23, 2009.  It was started as part of an event celebrating  the 55th reunion of the class of Feb 8th 1954. This was the last class of the first 41 African Americans accepted into the Baltimore City Fire Department. We want to become a repository for the stories of the first African American firefighters who are now reaching the end of their lives. The African American Fire Fighters Historical Society (AAFFHS) has been on a road to destiny since it was founded in January 23, 2009 by Co-founders and Baltimore Fire Fighter George Collins and Ret. Lt. Michael Jenson.